Outfitter Membership + Liability Insurance

Outfitter Membership + Liability Insurance

$450.00 for 1 year

If you are a new outfitter buying insurance to activate your outfitter license and have not received your new outfitter number yet, simply enter your prior guide license number. Questions? Call FOAM: 406.925.2276.


Questions? Call the FOAM office 9-5 M-F: 406.925.2276.

  • Use this form to JOIN FOAM or RENEW your FOAM membership, then PAY your membership dues, and APPLY and PAY for liability insurance coverage including bird, big game, or rental boat options.
  • All information is required. If it’s not filled in, the form will not be sent.
  • You may use a credit or a debit card to pay dues and insurance.
  • Payment includes a 3.065% convenience fee for paying online. Save the fee by using mail-in forms and paying by cash or check.
  • Your insurance certificate(s) will be emailed to you from the Bissell Agency within 48 hours after your payment is received.
    • Want paper instead? Use the mail-in forms on our RESOURCES page under FORMS and APPLICATIONS.
    • For insurance coverage on personal gear or watercraft, use mail-in forms.
  • For commercial auto coverage or other insurance, contact the Bissell Agency: 800.815.6230.
  • Questions? Call the FOAM office 9-5 M-F: 406.925.2276 (cell)
  • As a FOAM Member, I agree to abide by the association’s Constitution, By-Laws, and Code of Ethics (found on our Resources Page under Forms & Applications).