Take A Kid Fishing

Take A Kid Fishing Program

Our Take a Kid Fishing Program introduces flyfishing to young people through coordination with local schools, youth groups, and churches.

Past FOAM director Dennis Alverson created the TAKF program in 2010 with several goals in mind:

  • Introducing kids aged 11 through 16 to flyfishing and several of the sciences associated with fishing, like icthyology (fish), macroinvertebrate biology (fish bugs), and limnology (rivers),
  • Keeping young people active in the outdoors,
  • Sponsoring interest in fishing at a local level that can aid in conservation activities now and into the future.

After Dennis’ successful partnering with Sleeping Giant Middle School in Livingston, FOAM has asked our directors to take the program to their regions throughout Montana.

In 2012, FOAM brought the TAKF program to West Yellowstone while continuing the Livingston program.

The young anglers you see here are from West Yellowstone Director Joe Moore’s TAKF day, May, 2012. Twelve guides took 18 kids fishing near 3-dollar bridge on the Madison. “The kids had a blast and the guides came away thanking me and FOAM for putting this together,” said Joe after the event. “It was so easy to put together, and the local school really took charge with busing the kids, writing a grant for lunches and obtaining a waiver for the kids licenses.”

A gang from Livington’s Sleeping Giant Middle School heading for the Yellowstone river in late May a few years back.

If you are interested in the program, check our overview and a sample student application.

With a little luck and our volunteer licensed/insured guides, TAKF can bring fun, fisheries conservation, and river etiquette to local Montana communities.

Austin, Madison ‘Bow

Happy Trio

Elijah, Madison ‘Bow