FOAM Members,

Yesterday I received a call from a former shuttle driver from our Missoula/Bitterroot Region.  She asked about our guide’s and outfitter’s auto insurance coverage.  She asked if she was covered while shuttling a guide’s rig.  I explained to her the ins and outs of commercial auto coverage and the options available to guides and outfitters and how, often depending on the outfitter’s coverage, a guide’s rig and occupants may be covered.  I also explained FOAM’s efforts to have commercial auto coverage with these options be mandatory under rule, which will become effective for outfitters upon their renewal in 2020.

She explained to me that she had worked as a shuttle driver and was concerned for her friends as some are shuttle drivers or are guides.  She said she was working for what seemed like a reputable shuttle company.  The owner of the company, however, asked her one day to use the shuttled truck she was driving to move household belongings from her house to a storage facility.

Now, I’m not writing this to warn guides and outfitters that there may be unscrupulous shuttle drivers out there that may be using your vehicle without your permission or knowledge or doing things with your vehicle other than moving it to the take out.  I am writing this to warn you that you may want to check your insurance coverage on your vehicle.  Make sure that the shuttle driver, occupants, and your rig and trailer are covered while it is being shuttled.  Check and make sure that your outfitter – if not you as well if you are a guide – are carrying a commercial auto policy that covers your rig while it is being shuttled.  I mean, imagine if a shuttle driver was moving their furniture with your rig and wrecked your truck while driving it?  Heck, what if they were just taking it to the take out and wrecked it, would you be covered?

Bottom line, if you don’t know your coverage, or your outfitter’s coverage, check.  If you need questions answered regarding commercial auto policies, call Art Hoffart at the Bissell Agency, 800-815-6230.  Lastly, if you carry commercial auto and are covered, good for you, you’re getting it done.

Thank you for your time.